Landeskog finally makes an announcement on his NHL future
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Landeskog finally makes an announcement on his NHL future

The Avs captain held a press conference this morning.

Trevor Connors

Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog met with the media today to address rumors that he's retiring due to injury.

So... is this it?

Well, no. At least not yet.

Landeskog did not announce his retirement this morning, but he conceded that he's not yet ready to return to action and he doesn't have a clear timetable on when he'll be able to resume his NHL career. Landeskog said, "Mentally I felt pretty close," to returning this post-season but that his body wasn't ready for game action and he wasn't cleared medically to play.

Again, Landeskog was not able to give a date for his return, but he did peg it sometime between September, 2024 and April, 2025... so.... at any point during the 2024-25 season.

For the full press conference, see below:

Read below for our earlier report on Landeskog, published yesterday by Hockey Feed staff writer Chris Gosselin.

Some fans are getting good news, others are getting retirement vibes when it was announced on Wednesday that Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog and general manager Chris MacFarland will meet media on Thursday.

The Avalanche, who were eliminated in the second round at the hands of the Dallas Stars, have not be able to count on the captain for the past two seasons, he who hasn’t played since the Avs won in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final in 2022.

Landeskog’s absence has played a major factor in Colorado inability to reach the Finals in the Western conference this year and last, and his impact on the ice has been dearly missed. His presence in the dressing room, with his leadership and experience, has also been a blow in the past years, and now fans want to know if he will make a return next season. 

Some have already assumed that tomorrow's meeting is to announce that he will hang up the skates... Though others are reminded of last year's presser in which he only provided an update on his status, maintaining his desire to return healthy and play. 

Earlier this postseason, talks even emerged that there could be a possibility for Landeskog to return to the Avalanche’s lineup, though it never materialized has Colorado was beat in six games in Round 2. Landeskog, who has five seasons left on a $56 million, eight-year contract signed in 2021, is more than a year removed from cartilage replacement surgery on his right knee.

Following two seasons on the sideline and undergoing two surgeries to repair years worth of damage done, you have to believe Landeskog misses hockey terribly. It remains to be seen if his body can follow his heart.

“I’m really hoping, not just for us but for Gabe that he’s able to play again,” head coach Jared Bednar recently said of his captain. “He wants to play. It’s been a long road for him. … If anyone can do it, Gabe can do it.”

Personally, I thought we’d never see him suit up for an NHL game again given all that was reported at the time of his two surgeries… I guess we will all have the answer tomorrow in the team’s press conference.

I believe in you, Gabe!

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Source: Colorado Avalanche