Larkin buys tickets for Werenski's parents, then ends up dropping the gloves with Werenski

That's hockey, baby!


No matter how many hockey games I've seen in my life this sport always finds a way of serving up new stories that are unique and specific to the culture surrounding the game. I think it's fair to say that hockey players are some of the most hardworking, genuine and down to earth pro athletes you'll find. But, once the puck drops the social etiquette is out the window and it's all about competition and the task at hand.

Case in point: This afternoon's game between the Detroit Red Wings and Columbus Blue Jackets.

Blue Jackets defenseman Zach Werenski is a Michigan native and a close friend of Red Wings captain and fellow Michigander Dylan Larkin. So when Werenski's parents were hopeful to get some of the limited tickets available for today's game so they could see their son in action, Larkin stepped up and delivered. He not only got some tickets for Werenski's parent... he also put on a show for them.

During a scrum in front of the Blue Jackets' net, Larkin and Werenski decided to drop the gloves.

Check it out:

Oh and if that's not enough, Bobby Ryan ended up scoring on the preceding play.

Here's the entire sequence:

That's hockey, baby!

You do a solid for your buddies' parents, you drop the gloves and beat the piss out of each other for awhile, then you patch things up over a couple cold adult beverages. Hold school hockey, baby.