Las Vegas hilariously trolls rival NHL team about the player they are going to take from them.

Golden Knights' troll game is on point.


If you're the general manager of a National Hockey League franchise right now you probably aren't thrilled at the idea that the Las Vegas Golden Knights are going to have the right to steal a player off your roster completely free of charge. 

That however hasn't stopped the Golden Knights from having a little fun at the expense of their rivals, and on Friday the Golden Knights brilliantly trolled one rival NHL team that is believed to be among those most vulnerable to losing a high-quality player.

After the Anaheim Ducks published a break down of the expansion draft on their website, and furthermore invited their fans to read in order to have their questions answered, the Golden Knights responded with a question of there own.

So Anaheim Ducks. 7 forwards and 3 defensemen or 8 skaters? We're asking for a friend.

This is so some seriously high-end trolling from the Golden Knights, and if these are the kind of antics we can expect from them on social media, we look forward to their inclusion in the NHL.