Latest NHL investigation on Evander Kane focuses on forward using fake vaccination card

Why is he such a clown?


Last week, the National Hockey League announced yet another investigation into San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane, this time for potentially violating league COVID-19 protocols.

Earlier this offseason Anna Kane, Evander’s estranged wife, made a series of social media posts alleging that Evander is essentially an unfit parent, a deadbeat husband and an addicted gambler. Anna alleges that Evander made illegal bets on NHL games, including betting on his own team’s game. Later on, the NHL released an initial report after concluding their investigation into gambling allegations essentially turned up nothing. In a press release announcement the NHL said it “found no evidence to support allegations of illegal gambling.”

He was then accused by Anna Kane of pretty serious sexual assault allegations. As a result, the Sharks did not allow Kane at their training camp until the investigation has concluded.

But let’s go back to the violation of league COVID-19 protocols. It has just been reported by Front Office Sports that the investigation focuses on a fake vaccination card he allegedly submitted. 

Beyond possible NHL sanctions, using a fake vaccination card is illegal both in the U.S. and Canada.

We cannot say what the sanctions will be if he is found guilty by the NHL, though we can imagine the consequences will be huge. The Sharks and NHL declined to comment when reached by FOS on Tuesday. 

Because he has not attended camp, Kane has missed all five of the Sharks’ preseason games and his status for the team’s regular-season opener on Oct. 16 against the Winnipeg Jets remains unsure. 

The veteran forward has four seasons left in a seven-year, $49 million contract, but we cannot say what future he holds with the Sharks. 

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