Latest photos of a gutted Joe Louis Arena are heartbreaking

RIP to The Joe.

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No doubt about it, the brand new, state of the art Little Caesar’s Arena, home of the Detroit Red Wings, is world class. The 19,000+ capacity rink features a 5,100 square foot scoreboard and 45 LED displays covering more than 13,500 square feet and 16.5 million plus LEDs. But… it doesn’t have the heart of Joe Louis Arena. Or, at least, not yet.

The Joe Louis Arena, of course, is currently in the process of being demolished and is slated to be completely gone by early 2020. The legendary building was the home of the Wings from 1979-2017 and played  host to six Stanley Cup Finals. But now… well just take a look:

So sad, but… time marches on, as they say. RIP Joe Louis Arena.