NHL News : Leaf Connor Brown comments on still having no new contract.
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Leaf Connor Brown comments on still having no new contract.

Late in the summer Brown still has not signed.

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There were initially concerns that the Toronto Maple Leafs would struggle to get under the cap prior to the regular season given the number of players on their roster who's contracts are bound for long-term injured reserve.  

Those concerns however were quickly swept away when it was revealed that the Leafs were able to, and in fact had, put those players on long-term injured reserve during the offseason, which raises the question of why Connor Brown still has no contract.

Brown was asked about his current situation as a restricted free agent and, while it would be easy for Brown to complain, he seems rather unconcerned about his lack of a deal.

“You gotta control the controllables, and I’m going to do my part, which is go to the gym every day and it’ll all take care of itself,” Brown said as per TSN.

“Obviously it’s my first time going through something like this,” Brown said of restricted free agency. “I don’t think it’s as stressful as the media would make it out to be. I’m very confident things will get sorted by season time. We’ll get it figured out.”

Brown is likely right that his agent and the Leafs will likely figure things out, after 20 goals and 16 assists in for 36 points in 82 games last season the Leafs will want him signed come the start of the regular season. 

Offer sheets from rival organizations remain a possibility but that seems extremely unlikely in Brown's particular case. 

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