Leafs can clinch a playoff spot tonight, but need some help

Two scenarios in which the Leafs can punch their ticket this evening.


The Toronto Maple Leafs, the cream of the NHL's North Division all season, can officially punch their ticket to the Stanley Cup Playoffs this evening with a win over the Montreal Canadiens... but they'll need some help.

In order for the Leafs to clinch a playoff spot they'll need to win, but they'll also need the Ottawa Senators to defeat the Vancouver Canucks in regulation. OR.. failing that they'll need to defeat the Canadiens in overtime and have the Sens defeat the Canucks in regulation and they'll need the Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets game to end in regulation.

Check it out:

Anyone else's head spinning a bit?

Here's a strategy: Just win, baby. The rest will take care of itself.