Leafs' Dubas has the perfect reply to Marchand's troll!

That's what Toronto likes to hear!

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You know if by now: Boston Bruins Brad Marchand felt the need to chime into the Mitch Marner contract impasse. After the Toronto Maple Leafs’ victory over the Calgary Flames on Monday night, the NHL’s PR team tweeted out a stat that Marner has become the eighth player in franchise history to hit the 80 point mark in 66 or fewer games.

This prompted Marchand to reply with his prediction for Marner’s next deal:

While we'd like to believe that Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas will not care what Marchand has to say about Toronto's contract negotiations, the GM found the perfect reply to the Bruins pest's trolling as he spoke with TSN's Frank Seravelli on Wednesday.

“That was a master troll job, you have to respect that. With over 90 per cent probability to play Boston in the first round, that he was waking up in the morning thinking about the Toronto Maple Leafs, we’ll take that.”

Dubas sure has his work cut out for him with Marner’s extension this upcoming offseason, however, it might comfort Toronto fans that he too is focused on the postseason, just like Marner stated every time he is asked about his future with the Leafs: for now, he wants to focus on the team and its success. 

Marner is of course one of the Leafs’ priorities this offseason, and while a $12 million annual deal might be a stretch, Marner could reasonably command something in the $10 million per season range. 

Bring on the Bruins first, and then we will talk money! 

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