Leafs fan goes viral for outraged reaction after fellow fan throws his hat

The Leafs fan DID NOT appreciate it!



Fans throwing hats onto the ice after a player registers a hat trick is one of the best traditions in professional sports, but you had better make sure that you're only throwing one that belongs to you! 

During Saturday night's 9-2 blowout victory by the Toronto Maple Leafs at Scotiabank Arena, Leafs forward Auston Matthews continued his absolute terrorizing of opposition goaltenders by notching yet another hat trick, giving him a total of six on the year and meaning that he's scored three goals in nearly 12% of Toronto's schedule this year. 

And one particular fan decided to have some fun by recording himself taking an expensive-looking hat off the head of a fan in front of him and throw it on the ice. However, the fan was clearly not happy about it, and turned around and let the first fan know about it in a clip that's since gone viral.

I have to say, I don't blame the guy! If he wanted to throw his hat on the ice, he would have. Frankly, the larger fan is fortunate that the interaction was limited to heated words, as we've seen more than a few examples over the years of physical confrontations at sporting events of all varieties. 

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Source: Twitter