Leafs fans go after Tkachuk after latest injury report

Expect some fireworks tonight between the two Canadian clubs.

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This just in from NHL insider Chris Johnston: The Toronto Maple Leafs have placed goaltender Jack Campbell on injury reserve as a result of a leg injury sustained during his team's win over the Calgary Flames this past weekend.

Check it out:

In case you missed it, Campbell finished Sunday's game in some serious discomfort after he appeared to pull a groin muscle or his hamstring while trying to maintain the Leafs' one goal lead late in the game. Campbell managed to gut things out, but when Flames forward Matthew Tkachuk "accidentally on purpose" fell on top of Campbell in a goal mouth scrum... well it appears that things got worse.

Here's the play in question and Tkachuk's response to people who say he injured Campbell on purpose:

Look... I'm a fan of Tkachuk and the way he plays the game but... you don't get the benefit of the doubt here, buddy. For better or worse this is the way that Tkachuk plays and you have to take the good with the bad. Suffice it to say that Tkachuk is getting absolutely raked over the coals from Leafs fans online. 

I tell you one thing though, the Leafs would be very well served to have Wayne Simmonds hold Tkachuk accountable if you know what I'm saying...

Look for some fireworks when these meet again this evening.