Leafs fans go crazy for new jersey that is 100 times better than awful Retro Reverse jersey

Thoughts, Leafs fans?


In case you missed it earlier today, the NHL and jersey manufacturer Adidas officially unveiled the new "Retro Reverse" jerseys for all 31 NHL franchises.

It's probably safe to say that fan reaction to the NHL's 31 new Retro Reverse jerseys has been mixed, at best. Some jerseys look great, there's no denying them. And while reaction has obviously been mixed for the entire league, no team's jersey has elicited as much reaction as the Toronto Maple Leafs has. To be fair, Leafs fans are pretty fanatical on even the best of days, but even the most die hard of Leafs fans have to admit that there's just something lacking about these new threads.

First off... here are the jerseys in question:

Looks like a cheap Walmart knockoff to my eyes...

You know what looks much, much, MUCH better? This concept jersey created by TSN's BarDown crew.

Check it out:

Perfect. Classic. Undeniable. 

Had the Leafs went this route they'd have sold literally millions of dollars worth of these threads. Talk about a missed opportunity.