Leafs get mocked mercilessly for glaring mistake on their new retro jerseys

Seriously... who is in charge here!?

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In case you missed it earlier today, the NHL and jersey manufacturer Adidas officially unveiled the new "Retro Reverse" jerseys for all 31 NHL franchises.

While reaction has obviously been mixed for the entire league, no team's jersey has elicited as much reaction as the Toronto Maple Leafs has. To be fair, Leafs fans are pretty fanatical on even the best of days, so when their team releases a jersey that has an obvious typo on it well... things can go off the rails in pretty hilarious fashion.

First off... here are the jerseys:

Do you see it? 

Look closer... look at the logo... look at the typeface...

Check it out:

Um... why is the "n" lowercase? And same with the "m" in "maple"?

Is this the  TOROnTO mAPLE LEAFS?