Leafs homer Paul Bissonnette blasts Islanders fans

BizNasty ended up looking silly on this one.



Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, former NHL player turned analyst and well-known Toronto Maple Leafs fanboy Paul Bissonnette absolutely loves pumping the Leafs tires on both social media and on television broadcasts. 

Once again, he was at it last night during the Leafs' matchup against the New York Islanders in which former Isles captain John Tavares reached 1,000 points with an assist on Morgan Rielly's tying marker with six seconds remaining. The Islanders pulled a classy move, showing a tribute to Tavares on the scoreboard afterward, though there were plenty of fans at UBS Arena still booing. 

Bissonnette then took to social media to absolutely rip Islanders fans, 

"What a disgrace. Islanders fans are clowns. Booing a guy who gave his left nut to your organization. No wonder he left. Classless. Now we’re going to pump your eyes shut in OT."

Few things there, BizNasty. First off, you never played for the Leafs or worked for them, so there's no need to use the term "we". Second of all, Islanders fans still have every right to feel animosity toward Tavares, who blatantly mislead them about wanting to stay in New York long term and then also made sure the Islanders couldn't trade him at the 2018 NHL Trade Deadline. 

And third, the Islanders have enjoyed far greater postseason success than the Leafs since the departure of Tavares, and the fans are more than entitled to throw out a few boos.

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Source: Twitter