Leafs lines for tonight’s game against the Sens

It’s go time, boys!

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According to Toronto Maple Leafs insider Kristen Shilton, here’s how the Leafs will line up for tonight’s contest against the Ottawa Senators.

Also, in case you didn’t know tonight will be the final time that legendary CBC broadcaster Bob Cole calls a hockey game in Toronto. 

Including tonight’s game, Cole has just five more games left the call in his career before he finally turns off his mic and goes silent for the first time in 50 years. 

“When I began calling NHL games in 1969, I never dreamt I would still be doing it 50 years later,” Cole said. “I feel very fortunate to still be able to do the job I love and I truly appreciate the kindness shown to me from teams and players across the league during this final season with Hockey Night in Canada.

“Every game I have called over my career has been a dream come true. I am grateful for the privilege of bringing the game to the fans all these years and I will continue to put everything I have into it until my final game. I just want hockey fans to be able to enjoy the game as much as I do,” Cole added.

Word is, the Leafs are planning a small ceremony during a break in play for the legendary broadcaster.

No word yet exactly what’s planned, but we’re hoping it’s more than the usual video tribute that returning players get. Cole is the voice of hockey for generations of hockey fans and has a special place in the heart of Leafs fans. I mean… who can forget this classic call?

If you’re up for a total nostalgia trip, you have to check out some of Cole’s greatest calls:

Cole’s final broadcast will be Saturday, Apr. 6 for CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada with the Leafs in Montreal to take on the Canadiens.