Leafs’ players get hit by garbage thrown on the ice in New Jersey!

Getting messy and dangerous!

Published 10 months ago
Leafs’ players get hit by garbage thrown on the ice in New Jersey!

The New Jersey were looking to clinch a 14th consecutive victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday, but luck was not on their side.

The Devils got three disallowed goals in the game. The fanbase started to get extremely angry with the referees and the visiting team. They threw garbage on the ice with pieces of trash hitting Mitch Marner and other Maple Leafs’ players. Devils' Erik Haula attempted to intervene, yelling at fans to stop throwing things on the ice. The Leafs headed to the dressing room while the debris was cleaned up.

It all started in the first period when Nathan Bastian redirected the puck past goalie Matt Murray. The call on the ice was no goal.

The play was however reviewed, but the situation room kept the on-ice decision that there was goalie interference that prevented Murray from playing in his position.

To make matters worse for the Devils, another goal was disallowed for New Jersey in the second period. Forward Tomas Tatar surrounded the Maple Leafs’ net and bumped into Murray, who fell on the ice. While he was down, Tatar redirected the puck inside the empty net, however, the goal was deemed no good.

The last straw was the goal that was sent back for kicking motion by Haula, getting fans so angry that they threw garbage on the ice!

We get that the fanbase is angry that the streak came to an end, but come on, safety first. The Maple Leafs ended up winning 2-1 over the Devils. With three disallowed goals, you have to admit this is a brutal way to see the end of such an impressive streak.