Leafs release a sneak peek of their “reverse retro” jerseys.

Here's our first look at the new jerseys.

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The National Hockey League and its teams have been slowly releasing teasers of the upcoming "reverse retro" jerseys that we are going to see in the 2021 NHL season, but up until just now the Atlantic division teams had yet to reveal anything. 

We covered the previews from the previous 23 NHL teams over the weekend and even shared some predictions of what those 23 new jerseys might look like, but now it is time for the Atlantic division to shine. 

For this one we're going to be looking at the preview from the Toronto Maple Leafs, and if fan opinion is any indicator thus far the people of Toronto are absolutely loving this one. Like in most cases we've been teased with just 3 close up images of what we can expect to see from the Leafs jersey, the first of which shows a blue Maple Leafs crest on the shoulder of the jersey, followed by an image that showcases the collar and finally the third image which showcases the close up of the Adidas logo that will rest above the nameplate.

Based on the information on the collar this jersey will harken back to 1970 and I think it is safe to say that the primary color on this jersey is going to be blue. 

The official reveal for all of these will be on Monday, so thankfully you'll only be teased for a couple of hours in the grand scheme of things before getting the real deal.