Leafs release an update on Marlies assistant coach Rob Davison.

Leafs provide a medical update.

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It is not every day that you see a game at the National Hockey League or American Hockey League levels cancelled, but that is exactly what happened on Friday night when the Toronto Marlies were effectively forced to forfeit one of their schedule regular season games due to some rather unforseen and unpredictable circumstances. 

Toronto Marlies assistant coach and former National Hockey League player Rob Davison suffered some kind of episode in the locker room just prior to the game and it was so serious that the players were reportedly left shell shocked. The Maple Leafs released a statement following the incident that left no doubt as to the fact that the organization fully supported the decision of their players to sit out a game after witnessing such an event. 

"Following what happened tonight with Rob in front of our players and staff, I consulted with Laurence Gilman, Greg Moore and the leadership group of the Marlies," said Dubas via the official statement. "I was informed by the leadership group that the entire team was in a state of shock and not comfortable proceeding with tonight's game. We fully support our players and staff in this matter."

"The Maple Leafs would like to thank the Stars' Medical team and the HEB Center staff for their urgent care."

At the time we did not know what exactly had happened to Davison, but on Saturday morning the Leafs released an update that shed some light on some of the details of what exactly went down in that locker room. From the Leafs:

Prior to last night's scheduled American Hockey League game between the toronto Marlies and the Texas Stars at the HEB Center in Cedar Park, Texas, Marlies assistant coach Rob Davison suffered a prolonged grand mal seizure, witnessed by both players and staff in the visitors locker room.

Davison, 39, was transported immediately to local hospital and received urgent care and treatment. He was kept overnight for observation. His condition has now stabilized and he has been discharged from hospital.

Davison will return to Toronto today along with a member of the Marlies medical team and will be away from the team indefinitely on medical leave.

You can imagine why this would have left the players mortified, and unfortunately it sounds like Davison may not be out of the woods just yet. The fact that he will now be taking a leave of absence, an indefinite one no less, would appear to suggest that he still has a long road to recovery ahead of him. We of course wish him nothing but the best in that recovery and hopefully he will be back behind the bench sooner rather than latter.