Leafs teammates confirm clash between Auston Matthews and William Nylander

Leafs teammates confirm clash between Auston Matthews and William Nylander

What will come out of that?



There is a true test of friendship coming up between Toronto Maple Leafs star forwards Auston Matthews and William Nylander.

That’s according to their teammate Morgan Rielly, who revealed how he believes Matthews would be bothered if ever Nylander does better than him at the upcoming All-Star Skills competition coming up next Friday in Toronto.

I think Auston would be rattled if he loses to Willy,” Rielly said per “I think he’d be more rattled whereas Willy will let it go easier. He’s very competitive, I don’t mean he’s not competitive but he has good perspective on this stuff.”

Matthews and Nylander will be among 12 players participating in the 2024 NHL All-Star Skills.

When Matthew Knies was asked about the competition between his two Leafs teammates, he saw it the other wauy than Rielly and believe Nylander might be the one holding a grudge.

“Probably Willy,” Knies said. “I think both are going to be happy for each other, but I think Willy will be a little stung (if he loses to Matthews).”

While both star forwards could face off against one another in many competitive events, Mitch Marner is looking forward to the Accuracy Shooting.

“I mean, you probably have to say Auston (has the advantage), he has like what, a thousand goals? But Willy does have great accuracy,” Marner said. “In that competition, it’s just about placing your shot, you don’t have to shoot hard. I’ll say Auston but I think Willy is also going to be pretty good at that, probably in the top three if not two.”

46 games into the current season, Nylander leads the Maple Leafs in scoring with 61 points (23 goals, 38 assists) but Matthews leads the NHL in goals with 39 in 45 contests.

I’m sure it’s a healthy clash between two top competitors and they will be back, reunited towards the same goal on February 5 when they faced off against the visiting New York Islanders in Toronto.

Who do you believe comes out on top between Willy and Auston?

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