Leafs working on trade to land first-round pick?!

GM Dubas is joggling so many balls right now.. he’s going to drop one for sure!

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are getting so busy at the moment, but the main priority remains to re-sign pending restricted free agent Mitch Marner. 

However, there is a task on the to-do list that has become urgent, seeing that the NHL entry draft is now less than a month away. 

As Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas attended the NHL Combine in Buffalo on Thursday, he mentioned the desire to select earlier than expected in this year’s draft. 

The Leafs lost their first-round pick in the trade for Jake Muzzin with the Los Angeles Kings, and Dubas hinted at the possibility of trading for a first-round pick to get in the action earlier on June 21st in Vancouver. 

However - do not despair now Leafs fans - Dubas is aware it could be a long shot. 

"We have talented players, so if we really wanted to get one, we could probably make it happen," Dubas told TSN. "We're focused right now on the 53rd pick and rolling from there."

Let’s see if the desire to get an earlier pick gets too big for Dubas to pull the trigger on a trade before June 21st…