Lehner dug snake holes in Stone’s backwards during a party!

Meanwhile in Vegas…


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well, until it ends up on social media. 

On Friday, reporters spoke with Golden Knights captain Mark Stone who talked about the upcoming season and the group dynamic, and it ended up with the star forward revealing a weird story that occurred when he invited goalie Robin Lehner to a party. 

Stone admitted that during the party, Robin started digging out snake holes. And that’s just the start of it. 

“Next thing I knew, I go into my backyard and there are 5 snakes in my pool,” added Stone. 

Thanks, Lehner! Geez... he sounds like one heck of a party guest! 

Later on social media, Lehner responded to the anecdote, saying he was only doing a search because former teammate Ryan Reaves, who will now play for the New York Rangers, does not like snakes. He then admitted it was to show Reaves and probably get him freaked out. 

The goalie is one heck of a character - one that the Golden Knights will count on for 2021-22 and the future. Lehner was plagued by a concussion last season and missed more than a month, but teamed with Marc-Andre Fleury to win the Jennings Trophy for fewest goals allowed.
Fleury was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks his summer and Lehner is expected to shoulder the load in net for the Knights.

Maybe snakes are his spirit animal.