Lemieux jumps Couturier, but then ends up getting his head taken off

“Don’t f***ing touch me, punk.” - Coots

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It’s still preseason in the NHL, so you can’t really blame the players if they’re not exactly at their best just yet. Goalies are letting in weak goals, snipers are misfiring and… well even fighters are evidently not quite dialled in yet either.

Take this fight from tonight’s preseason tilt between the New York Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers in which Rangers forward Brendan Lemieux jumps Flyers forward Sean Couturier at the bench and ends up getting more than he bargained for. It’s not the best fight you’ll ever see… in fact it’s downright boring… but there’s just something satisfying about seeing Couturier pop Lemieux’s helmet after it looked like Couturier wanted no part in the scrap to begin with.

Check it out:

Rant Warning: What’s with the linesman getting involved in fights so quickly? These are two grown men and professional athletes willing engaging… let them go! Give us something to cheer for!