Leon Draisaitl’s future in Edmonton leaked and gets fans reacting!

Is this what fans want to hear?

Published 14 days ago
Leon Draisaitl’s future in Edmonton leaked and gets fans reacting!

Reports out of Edmonton aren’t great when it comes to Leon Draisaitl and a contract extension. According to Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal, it’s all quiet regarding a contract extension for Draisaitl, who has a year remaining on his contract before he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

The thing is: Draisaitl is the league’s best bargain at $8.5 million annually. This prompted Matheson to present two scenarios this could go for the star forward and the Oilers this summer.

Matheson believes that there are two options on the table if Draisaitl wants to stay with the Oilers. One is a four-year deal like Auston Matthews signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs, giving him room for another deal by age 32, or the star forward could go big and ink a deal similar to the one offered to Nathan MacKinnon with the Colorado Avalanche : an eight-year contract for under $13 million annually. Here is how Matheson puts it:

“He can sign a four-year deal like Auston Matthews did in Toronto, not knowing where the cap is going to go, leaving himself room for another contract at 32. Matthews cap hit is $13.25 m and Leon would want at least that, maybe a tad more.

“Or he can go eight years like fellow centre Nathan MacKinnon’s deal in Colorado. MacKinnon took a hometown discount, at an AAV of $12.6 million, but the Colorado stud signed his based on a current cap of $82.5 million. I don’t think they’ll get Draisaitl for a number under 13 and the Oilers will want to know that pretty soon.

“One thing for sure: they can’t let Draisaitl get into the 2024-2025 season as a UFA. I think Leon sees himself as Malkin to Crosby and those two have been coupled for almost 20 years with the Penguins. He wants to win, here. But, the Oilers will want that commitment, and fairly quickly, because we all know he could get more in free-agency somewhere else.”

No one can tell what the contract offered will be for Draisaitl, but everyone agrees that the Oilers cannot let him depart as a free agent next summer. There is an urgency and need to know if he intends to stay in Edmonton beyond 2024-25.

Busy summer for everyone involved in Edmonton...

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