Leon Draisaitl shares personal struggles amidst Oilers’ success

Leon Draisaitl shares personal struggles amidst Oilers’ success

Putting himself in quite a vulnerable spot.



The Edmonton Oilers may be riding a 12-game winning streak, it does not mean everything is running smoothly for everyone in the dressing room. Star forward Leon Draisaitl opened up about being labelled as a pissy guy when answering questions with intensity in front of various reporters. Draisaitl sat with team insider Mark Spector of Sportsnet and spoke about his struggles in being misunderstood.

“I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I’m an intense guy, and sometimes when things don’t go the way I like, I show that. Sometimes maybe a little bit too much. I spend a lot of time working on that part of my life – as a leader and as a player.”

The Oilers’ star forward believes his body language is too blame most times, and reveals how he’s become self-conscious about it and always attempts to improve.

“If people think that I’m not aware of my body language, then they’re certainly wrong,” Draisaitl said. “I’ve gotten better. I care a lot, and I guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”

His important message in opening up about this, do not take it personally:

“I’m obviously very direct in the way I deliver certain things. But it’s never personal,” he said. “Maybe early in my career, that was also a little bit misunderstood. Like, whatever I do, I do it with emotion. I wear it on my sleeve — but it’s never personal.”

Draisaitl especially wanted to make it clear that his attitudes has nothing to do with always being mentioned second, behind captain and teammate Connor McDavid. He knows that’s just how it is.

“Naturally, being behind Connor, you will always be the second guy that gets talked about. That’s just the way it is, and it’s always going to be that way. I have no problem with that,” Draisaitl said. “If you’re talking about Matthews and MacKinnon, are there nights where I’m better than them? Yes.

“Are there nights where they’re better than me? Yes.”

I have to say I’d never had anything bad to say about Draisaitl’s pissy attitude. I like it. The guy is passionate and it shows on and off the ice.

A great thing for the Oilers, if you ask me.

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