Leon Draisaitl takes a shot at NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal.

Leon Draisaitl takes a shot at NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal.

Edmonton Oilers star forward Leon Draisaitl responds to Shaq in hilarious fashion.

Jonathan Larivee

The Edmonton Oilers have been garnering a ton of attention during their run in the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs and that is especially true when it comes to their forwards.

Many of the Oilers forwards have been praised for their performance including gritty Oilers forward Zach Hyman, whose work down low in front of the net has earned him comparisons to NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. "Shaq" Hyman has been a common refrain during these playoffs and we even got to see the original Shaq himself glow when he received an autographed jersey from the man nicknamed after him

Shaq seemed genuinely moved by the gesture, smiling from ear to ear, but that only lasted as long as it took his co-host, NBA legend Charles Barkley, to speak up. Barkley would inquire about getting a jersey from Oilers star Leon Draisaitl during the segment, to which Shaq responding by offering to pay Draisaitl not to give Barkley a jersey of his own.

"No!" said Shaq, not willing to share. "Draisaitl imma pay you, no."

It was a hilarious moment on the TNT set and one that Draisaitl has obviously gotten wind of judging by the response he produced. Draisaitl would in fact fulfill Charles Barkley's request and sent him an autographed jersey of his own, one that contained a special message for Shaq.

"To Charles, tell Shaq to keep his cash!" wrote Draisaitl on the jersey. "You're the man!"

If you thought the reaction from Shaq was special when he received the Hyman jersey, Charles Barkley took it to an entirely new level when he received his Draisaitl jersey.