Lightning set insane new record, go almost 60 minutes without missing the net

Forget thee 8-2 final score. This is the most impressive stat of all.

Lightning set insane new record, go almost 60 minutes without missing the net

In case you missed it last night, the Tampa Bay Lightning absolutely RAN OVER the New York Islanders in Game 1 of the team's Eastern Conference Final playoff series. The final score was 8-2, but frankly the Lightning could have put up a dozen goals and I wouldn't have been surprised. Lightning superstars Nikita Kucherov and Brayden Point each put up five points apiece and, quite frankly they dominated the Islanders in all three zones.

I mean... just check out some of these goals:

Not bad, not bad at all.

I might be stating the obvious here, but if the Islanders don't get their act together for Game 2 this series could be over real quick. It was clear that one team was ready for this game and one was not. To be fair, the Islanders were on very little rest heading into the game and had just travelled to Edmonton from Toronto the day prior after defeating the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 7 of their second round playoff series.

The Lightning absolutely poured it on last night and it seemed like everything they threw at the net went in. They outshot the Isles 34 to 24 and shelled both Thomas Greiss and Semyon Varlamov in the process. As crazy as the score was last night and as wild as the box score reads, there's one statistic that stands out. Despite lighting up the Isles defense for 34 shots on goal, the Lightning only attempted 35 shots total meaning that they missed just one single shot wide.

Check it out:

What!? How!? 

Seriously, how does this happen? Are there just 23 snipers on this team? I've literally never heard of such a stat in my life. To be perfectly honest, my mind is kind of blown.

Now, to be fair this stat does not take blocked shots into consideration. The Islanders were credited with 12 blocked shots, so combined with Cedric Paquette's missed shot that's 34 shots on 47 shot attempts. Even that stat to me though sounds insane. Buckle up, Islanders fans. If the Isles can't find a way to suppress shots or get in front of more shots, again this series might be over quickly.