Likely destinations for Drouin following his trade demand.

Teams likely to look at the young forward.

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Arguably the most talked about player in the National Hockey League at this very moment, Jonathan Drouin now finds himself playing in the AHL, pondering what his future might hold.

Drouin's agent, Allan Walsh, released a statement to the press late last week in which he made it clear his client is not happy with his current situation in Tampa Bay, and was very publicly demanding to be traded. Speculation has now turned to what teams could potentially acquire Drouin, and USA Today's Jimmy Hascup has compiled a list of likely destinations.

The Toronto Maple Leafs: The Leafs are at a stage of their development where a young, talented forward like Drouin would fit almost perfectly. The team boasts one of the best head coaches in the league, something that would be vital to getting the former 3rd overall pick back on track, they are in a rebuild and a young player would fit a long-term vision, and the move would bring Drouin back to his home country.

The Arizona Coyotes: Much like the Maple Leafs the Arizona Coyotes are a young team, but one could argue that the Coyotes are at a more advanced stage in their development, with extremely talented young stars despite being a budget team. If the Coyotes hope to be a serious contender down the line adding a player like Jonathan Drouin to play along side Max Domi and Anthony Duclair would go a long way to proving they mean business.

The New Jersey Devils: Perhaps the most like scenario, the Devils are desperate for offensive output, and given Drouin's desire to prove himself he could find plenty of ice time in shallow New Jersey offense. The Devils could look to solve their offensive drought by adding a Drouin, and they also have the cap space that would allow them to take on a bad contract from Tampa, something that would likely be extremely attractive to the cap-strapped Lightning.

For a complete look at Hascup's breakdown you can see his full list here.