Linus Ullmark dedicates new mask to 2 former Bruins.

Linus Ullmark dedicates new mask to 2 former Bruins.

Linus Ullmark dedicates his new mask to 2 of the greatest Boston Bruins of all time.

Jonathan Larivee

Without a doubt, each and every year, one of the best parts about the start of a new season in the National Hockey League is all of the new goalie masks that come with it, and Boston Bruins goaltender Linus Ullmark has really nailed it this time around.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, the number one goaltender for the Boston Bruins unveiled his new goalie mask and it truly is a beauty. Ullmark not only came up with a terrific design for his new mask, but is also dedicating his new look to a pair of Boston Bruins legends of the past, something that is sure to please long time fans of the franchise.

Ullmark revealed his new mask via Instagram and published the following message alongside his announcement:

100 years of Bruins hockey and with it, I wanted to celebrate and honor the two greatest Bruins players in their eras.
Bobby Orr for the first 50 years.
Patrice Bergeron for the other 50 years.

Ullmark didn't just show off a few images however, but instead released a short video to give fans a full look at his awesome new mask, and I think you will find it very hard to criticize his design choice. It's hard to think of two players more deserving than Bobby Orr and Patrice Bergeron and the mask simply looks terrific, a big win for Linus Ullmark with this one.