LIVE: Every pick made in the first round of the 2024 NHL Draft

LIVE: Every pick made in the first round of the 2024 NHL Draft

Keep up with every pick from the first round here below:

Chris Gosselin

The 2024 NHL Draft kicks off tonight in the beautiful Sphere in Las Vegas. Keep up with every pick from the first round here below:


1. San Jose Sharks - Macklin Celebrini, Center, BOSTON UNIVERSITY

Former San Jose Sharks great Joe Thornton made the pick. 

2. Chicago Blackhawks - Artyom Levshunov, Defenseman, MICHIGAN STATE
3. Anaheim Ducks - Beckett Sennecke, Right Wing, OSHAWA
4. Columbus Blue Jackets - Cayden Lindstrom, Center, MEDICINE HAT
5. Montreal Canadiens - Ivan Demidov, Right Wing, SKA ST. PETERSBURG JR, RUSSIA-JR.

Celine Dion was the one who made the pick for the Habs, and made the announcement like it was a speech by Shakespeare. Gotta love it. Only in Vegas. 

6. Utah Hockey Club - Tij Iginla, Center, KELOWNA

7. Ottawa Senators - Carter Yakemchuk, Defenseman, CALGARY
8. Seattle Kraken - Berkly Catton, Center, SPOKANE
9. Calgary Flames - Zayne Parekh, Defenseman, SAGINAW
10. New Jersey Devils - Anton Silayev, Defenseman, NIZHNY NOVGOROD, Torpedo (KHL)
11. San Jose Sharks (from BUF) - Sam Dickinson, Defenseman, LONDON

A TRADE: The Philadelphia Flyers have traded their 12th overall pick to the Minnesota Wild for Nos. 13 and a 2025 third-rounder.

12. Minnesota Wild - Zeev Buium, Defenseman, DENVER
13. Philadelphia Flyers - Michael Buffer made the pick and it was incredible: Jett Luchanko, Center, GUELPH

14. Buffalo Sabres (from PIT via SJS) - Konsta Helenius, Center, JUKURIT
15. Detroit Red Wings - Michael Brandsegg-Nygård, Right Wing, MORA. He becomes the first Norwegian selected in the first round of the NHL Draft. He goes to Detroit at No. 15.
16. St. Louis Blues - Adam Jiricek, Defenseman, PLZEN
17. Washington Capitals -Terik Parascak, Right Wing, PRINCE GEORGE
18. Chicago Blackhawks (from NYI) - Sacha Boisvert, Center, MUSKEGON
19. Vegas Golden Knights - Trevor Connelly, Left Wing, TRI-CITY
20. New York Islanders (from TBL via CHI) - Cole Eiserman, Left Wing, USA U-18
21. Montreal Canadiens (from LAK) - Michael Hage, Center, CHICAGO

This is a great story for Hage, whose father who tragically passed away, was a huge Canadiens' fan.

22. Nashville Predators - Egor Surin, Center, YAROSLAVL JR.

A TRADE: The Maple Leafs have traded their pick to the Anaheim Ducks. Toronto picks 31st and 58th as the Ducks move up to the 23rd spot. 

23. Anaheim Ducks - Stian Solberg, Defenseman, VALERENGA

A TRADE: Utah trades up to grab the No. 24 pick from Colorado for Nos. 38 and 71, plus a 2025 second-rounder.

24. Utah Hockey Club - Cole Beaudoin, Center, BARRIE
25. Boston Bruins (via DET and OTT) - Dean Letourneau, Center, ST. ANDREWS COLLEGE
26. Los Angeles Kings (from WPG via MTL) - Liam Greentree, Right Wing, WINDSOR

A TRADE: Carolina trades pick No 27 to Chicago for picks 34 and 50. This is the Blackhawks' third pick in this first round tonight. 

27. Chicago Blackhawks ( via Carolina Hurricanes ) - Marek Vanacker, Left Wing, BRANTFORD
28. Calgary Flames (from VAN) - Matvei Gridin, Right wing, Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL)
29. Dallas Stars - Emil Hemming, Right Wing, TPS
30. New York Rangers - Eric (EJ) Emery, Defenseman, USA U-18
31. Toronto Maple Leafs (from EDM via ANA) - Ben Danford, Defenseman, OSHAWA

A TRADE: The Flyers have traded the 32nd pick, the last selection in the first round to the Edmonton Oilers, who are sending a conditional first-round pick (either 2025 or 2026) back in return.

32. Edmonton Oilers (from FLA via PHI) - Sam O’Reilly, Right Wing, LONDON

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