Longtime Hurricanes announcer John Forslund is officially out

Keep this guy on NBC! In my opinion he's MUCH better than Doc Emrick!

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John Forslund's time with the Carolina Hurricanes is officially over.

According to a report from Hurricanes insider Luke DeCock from the Raleigh News & Observer the Hurricanes have hired play by play broadcaster Mike Maniscalco to cover the team's games in 2020-21 and moving forward. 

Check out:

Forslund had been unable to come to terms with the Hurricanes on a new contract and has been freelancing with NBC Sports for the duration of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Maniscalco had taken over Forslund's play by play duties for Fox Sports Carolina in his absence and now will evidently take over those duties full time.

While this is a shame for Hurricanes fans, I can't help but feel like it's a huge boon for NHL fans across the entire United States. That is, if NBC does the smart thing and they ink Forslund to a proper contract. In my opinion, he's one of the best broadcasters in the game and he's a big improvement on NBC's anchor broadcaster Doc Emrick. Don't get me wrong, I like Emrick just fine it's just that Forslund is that much better. Now, that's saying nothing for the talent north of the border on Sportsnet because frankly I don't think there's anyone employed by NBC that can compete with the likes of Jim Hughson and Chris Cuthbert. Nonetheless, if NBC can manage to get Forslund under contract for next season, I'll certainly tune in more often. If nothing else he and Emrick together will give the network a strong 1/2 punch.

I mean... how great is this: