Lou Lamoriello forces Patrick Roy to bend to his rules on Day 1.
Kathleen Malone/Van Dyke  

Lou Lamoriello forces Patrick Roy to bend to his rules on Day 1.

The legendary NHL general manager wielded his considerable influence over the legendary goaltender.

Jonathan Larivee

It seems even National Hockey League legends like Patrick Roy have to bend the knee when it comes to orders from one of the most intimidating figures in the sport of hockey, legendary NHL executive Lou Lamoriello.

Lamoriello stunned the hockey community this weekend when he announced that he had fired Islanders head coach Lane Lambert and hired Patrick Roy to take over as his replacement. It was a bold move by Lamoriello to bring in a fiery coach like Roy, especially considering he has not coached at the NHL level for quite some time, but if you thought that meant that Roy would be receiving any special treatment you couldn't be more wrong.

From the very first day of the new Islanders regime it was clear that Roy would be expected to bend to Lamoriello's rules, rules that the wizened old Lamoriello has held firm on for decades at this point. Among those rules is that players must have their hair neat and their facial hair trimmed regularly.

Anyone who knows Patrick Roy knows that he loves sporting his unkempt beard but when he showed up for work on Sunday morning, Saint Patrick was looking sharp with a cleanly shaven beard. When asked about the new look, Roy admitted that he had done so reluctantly.

"That one hurt," said Roy with a smile.

Roy and Lamoriello seem like they would have quite opposing personalities, but perhaps that is the formula that the crafty and experienced Islanders GM believes will be a winning one.