Lou Lamoriello’s strict rules exposed by former player and employee

Lou Lamoriello’s strict rules exposed by former player and employee

This is borderline insane…



General manager Lou Lamoriello is old school. Or a control freak… Many fans and pundits reacted to a recent segment of the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast in which the hosts shared details provided by a former New Jersey Devils employee, in which he exposed the list of rules given by Lamoriello that players and staff had to follow to work for the organization.

The list includes:

  • Lamoriello’s players aren’t allowed to have long hair or facial hair during the regular season. All must be clean shaven and dressed cleanly when arriving at the arena. Haircuts are mandatory.
  • Simply put Lamoriello doesn’t like high numbers on the back of jerseys. He likes numbers to fall between two and 35With very few exceptions to the rule, like for star forward Alexander Mogilny : Lamoriello agreed to make an exception.
  • When the Devils were on the road, no staff from the opposite team could approach the dressing room.
  • When Lamoriello reaches out to any member of the organization, they must have answered the call by the second ringtone.
  • Each employee has to get in touch with Lamoriello at a specific time every time to provide him with an update. Even if there is nothing new to report…

Former Devils forward Michael Rupp also shared some of the rules he encountered when he was with thge clubs, stating that Lamoriello even decides how players put on their pads before games. He also revealed how players couldn’t use transparent tape, and how red stockings are to be taped in red, and white stockings - you guessed it - in white! Players weren’t allowed to put tape on the stripes either.

This was all during Lou’s time with the New Jersey Devils, from 1987 to 2015, and so it is possible that some of his rules have loosen up a bit. Let’s hope. We can however see how the hair and beard rules remain in New York and how many believe Lou still holds to his military rules at this time…

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