Louie DeBrusk gambles with son Jake in tonight's Oilers-Bruins game!

Louie DeBrusk gambles with son Jake in tonight's Oilers-Bruins game!

Wholesome moment between Jake DeBrusk and his dad, Louie.



The Boston Bruins came to Edmonton to face the Oilers, and that’s always the perfect occasion for forward Jake DeBrusk to see his father Louie.

Louie DeBrusk, now a Sportsnet commentator, was a member of the Oilers when his son Jake was born in the city back in 1996. The now Bruins’ forward grew up as an Oilers fan and as he eventually found his way into the NHL, getting selected in the first round, 14th overall by Boston back in the 2015 NHL Draft.

It’s always special for Jake to return home, and just before the game, Louie interviewed his son. On the sideline, Louie DeBrusk reminded his boy that when he was a kid, he wrote a Golden Ticket that states that if he doesn’t record a goal or assist he owes his father 30 push ups.

And, as Louie points out, since there is no expiration date on the coupon, the commentator has decided that he was gambling and cashing in the ticket tonight.

Check out the wholesome moment between Jake DeBrusk and his dad here below:

Before the funny moment, the DeBrusks had had time to be together before puck drop. Jake even commented on how special it is to get to live his homecoming with his father nearby.

“I think it’s always a special place to come back,” DeBrusk told reporters after the Bruins’ morning skate. “I don’t get to see the rest of my family and stuff like that for 90% of the year, so it’s always special for me to fit everything in.

“These are special games for me.”

Despite being a commentator for the Oilers, Louie DeBrusk is very supportive of his son and follows his career with the Bruins wherever they go.

While Jake DeBrusk has no points in his last nine contests, he probably now has more motivation to break that slump against his hometown team due to his father’s cute gamble in the game.

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