Lucic and Gabriel heavyweight fight goes a full 12 rounds!

This was a marathon bout! How about: fight of the year!?!

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Kurtis Gabriel has been trying to make a name for himself with the New Jersey Devils, and for that exact reason, he hasn't be afraid to drop the gloves to prove he can be quite the enforcer. 

His test on Wednesday night was quite a tough one. 

Gabriel and Oilers forward Milan Lucic jawed back and forth during the first period and ended up getting tied up in front of the Edmonton’ net. Moments later, the two starting punching in the longest bout of the season so far. We usually see officials being very quick to put an end to a fight, however, they let this one go and the fans in Edmonton were loving it. 

Lucic and Gabriel exchanged punches for one full minute and five seconds, and they rarely missed one another. They connected on a couple haymakers, but the two kept going until the fight was finally broken up. Even if they had fought for a long time, both players were standing and the crowd was too. 

Devils' teammates sure appreciate Gabriel and his courage to drop the mitts in front of a seasoned fighter like Lucic, especially seeing that Gabriel was fighting just for the 11th time of his career, including his fourth time this season with New Jersey. 

After serving their five-minute fighting majors, Lucic and Gabriel headed back to their respective bench to get some repairs done. There was blood on Lucic's face while Gabriel had some on his knuckles and his jersey.

A good ole hockey fight - and a long one! 

The Devils snapped out of their slump with a 6-3 victory, just in time to damage the playoff hopes of the Oilers. 

At least, the Oilers fans got a good fight.