Lucic blames his victim for two-game suspension!

​The punch was ugly, this is just… lame!

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Calgary Flames’ Milan Lucic is not happy with the two-game suspension he received for roughing, after punching Columbus Blue Jackets rookie Kole Sherwood during Saturday night’s contest. Sherwood, who dropped to the ice after the punch from Lucic, left the game following the incident but later returned.

After the Flames’ practice on Tuesday, Lucic practically blamed Sherwood for the suspension the NHL handed him. 

“I mean it was pretty clear the guy (Kole Sherwood), whatever you want to call it, slashes or spears the goalie and I was standing up for him,” said Lucic, per TSN. “I thought the referees got it right on the ice the first time by them (Columbus Blue Jackets) going up on the power play, they even got a slashing penalty on the play so I think even Ritter (David Rittich)said it was the second time he got slashed in three games so you got to step upfor your teammates and I’m more than willing to do that, this suspension won’t change that moving forward.”

Lucic will serve the second game of the suspension tonight as the Flames face the Arizona Coyotes. He went on about the rookie… 

“I was brought up in the age where you protect yourself at all times,” added Lucic. “Maybe moving forward, you can expect that from guys not to be ready for it, maybe go a little lighter on them. But it’s hard to when it’s not in your nature so I think the main thing is to just try to avoid the head. I know some people like to write sucker-punch, I mean look up the definition of a sucker-punch, my arm didn’t cock up, it was more of a forearm shiver that rode up into his head.”

Lucic will forfeit $64,516.12 in salary with the suspension. Let’s hope he doesn’t dare to threaten poor Sherwood to refund him!