Lucic tracks down star rookie for payback and almost starts a line brawl

He could be suspended for his dangerous move!

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It is no secret in Edmonton, veteran forward Milan Lucic has been looking for a way to help his team, however, it feels like the gritty player has lost his identity. Or worse, Lucic knows he can be threat on the ice, but took it up a level too high on Tuesday night in a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. After rookie Mathieu Joseph went on to his defenseman Kris Russell, Lucic wanted him to pay for his hit. 

As showed in the videos here below, Lucic went all over the ice to track down Joseph and once he got to him, he cross-checked him in the neck before jumping on the kid.  He climbed on top of Joseph and kept swinging. At that point, the veteran forward almost started a line brawl as every player on the ice got involved, either to defend the young Joseph still laying on the ice or to take them off Lucic, who was still furious about the hit. 

After the play went viral on social media, many people wondered if Lucic would get a call from the Department of Player Safety and get suspended for his - premeditated - move. 

"I thought it was a premeditated, blind-side hit," Steven Stamkos said to the Tampa Bay Times after his team's win. "I saw it live, I haven't seen it replayed. I'm sure the league will review that. I think Joe got cut too. You just don't want to see that."

However, Oilers head coach Todd McLellan didn't think there was anything wrong with Lucic's actions. 

"You know, there's nothing wrong with that," McLellan said to reporters after the game. "We felt that a player took a liberty with Kris Russell. I agree with the liberty part of it and part of the reason we have Lucic here is to take care of teammates and he did that."

What do you think will happen to Lucic? Will he get suspended or will he be a healthy scratch for the Oilers’ next game? 

Some people will love his move for sticking up for his teammate. 

Lucic probably left the arena angry anyways as the Oilers fell 5-2 at the hands of the Bolts.