Lundqvist shows off his new Caps mask and Rangers fans can only weep

I'm still not ready to see King Henrik in D.C.

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We still don't know when the NHL season is going to start but if it doesn't start until 2050, I'm still not sure that I'll be ready to see Henrik Lundqvist play for anyone other than the New York Rangers...

Lundqvist, of course, signed a free agent contract with the Washington Capitals earlier this offseason after being bought out by the Rangers and, justifiably so, Rangers fans still aren't over it. All you have to do is trawl the comments on any of Lundqvist's social media posts and you'll be flooded with messages from Rangers fans who aren't ready to let go of the man they call King Henrik.

But... time marches on. Lundqvist isn't a Ranger anymore and he's been working behind the scenes to get ready for his rookie campaign with the Caps whenever the puck drops on the 2020-21 season. To that end, Lundqvist showed off his new Bauer goalie gear complete with the Capitals' eagle logo and the Capitol building featured prominently. 

Check it out:

Not too shabby, fit for a King one might say. 

Taking it a step further though, Lundqvist revealed his new mask for the upcoming season earlier today and... well it has to be seen to be believed.

Check it out:

I gotta say... seeing a Lundqvist gear/mask setup WITHOUT Lady Liberty on it... it's just weird.

But hey, I'll get over it, right? I mean, how weird was it seeing Martin Brodeur suit up for the St. Louis Blues? Or what about seeing Grant Fuhr play for the Calgary Flames? Actually... that one still looks weird to me...