Lundqvist, Stepan pissed at each other during game 5!

Now is NOT the time to panic guys.

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Today's game between the Rangers and the Senators is pivotal for the series. With the games being tied at 2-2, the winner of today's matchup will get a favorable position to win the series and reach the third round. 

With such prize on the line, players are obviously focused and intensity is at its highest. Following a few sequences in which Henrik Lundqvist looked overwhelmed, Derek Stepan tried to calm him down. However, the sequence doesn't show two people in control, at all. 

Obviously, we can't hear what has been said but the nonverbal seems pretty clear. Stepan looks exasperated and Lundvist is not happy for being pointed by a teammate. 

The rest of the game will be pretty interested to watch, for sure.