Luongo chirps Toews and Keith after the teammates drop the gloves and fight in practice

Despite retirement, Lu’s in midseason form.

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In case you missed it earlier today, Chicago Blackhawks insider Mark Lazerus reported that captain Jonathan Toews and long-time teammate Duncan Keith dropped the gloves and went at it at this morning’s game day skate!

Check it out:

Unfortunately, we don’t have any footage of the alleged scrap, but we do have a short clip of the aftermath.

Check it out:

I gotta say… those two don’t look like sworn enemies in the aftermath of a blood bath. They look like brothers who were messing around until Daddy came in and spoiled their fun… here’s hoping we can get a real clip to see if any shots landed. Stay tuned.

Funny enough, former NHL goaltender and future Hall of Famer Roberto Luongo couldn’t help himself from chiming in on the scrap and insinuated that the boys might just trying to gaining the attention of former Blackhawks head coach Joel Quennville. For context, the Blackhawks were practicing in Florida this morning ahead of tonight’s game against the Florida Panthers, Coach Q’s new team.

Check it out:

I gotta say… that takes some brass ones coming from Luongo. I mean, the guy didn’t exactly have the best track record against Toews, Keith and the rest of the Blackhawks’ crew in the 2010s… still, it’s funny as Hell. Chirp on, Lu!