MacKenzie Weegar exposes Connor McDavid's trash talking

The superstar Oilers captain zinged him good!



It's one of the all-time great rivalries in the National Hockey League, and there's never been any shortage of trash talk between the two sides.

The Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames are the two NHL squads from the Canadian province of Alberta, and despite having only faced one another in the postseason one time in the last several decades, the battles remain as fierce as ever despite the varying levels of success that the two teams have had over the years.

Right now, the Oilers are clearly in the drivers seat, powered by the League's best player in Connor McDavid. And according to Flames defenseman MacKenzie Weegar, the normally soft-spoken McDavid isn't shy about trash talking on the ice.

A clip from the "Missin' Curfew' podcast from May of last year, Weegar revealed that McDavid clapped right back at him after he believed the defenseman caught him with a knee-on-knee hit. 

"McDavid came into our building - some fans thought it was a knee but I gave him a good hit," Weegar said.

"He [McDavid] came up to me and goes 'you don't think that was a knee?' I said 'no, they didn't call it'."

Weegar then said that he told McDavid, "you can't be making those moves."

McDavid then delivered the perfect mic-drop response: 

"I'm getting paid 12.5 [million] to make those moves."

McDavid certainly got the better of that verbal exchange, and he along with the Oilers are making preparations to hopefully make a lengthy postseason run. Conversely, Weegar and the Flames are on the verge of missing the playoffs for the 2nd straight year. 

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