MacKinnon ties and is on the verge of breaking one of Gretzky's all-time playoff records

Incredible. We are literally watching history being made.

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This just in: Nathan MacKinnon is very good at hockey.

MacKinnon and the Colorado Avalanche were electrifying last night in their Game 6 victory over the Dallas Stars, forcing a Game 7 showdown for Friday evening. With a goal and an assist on the evening, MacKinnon continued his 14 game point streak and, quite frankly, looks like the best hockey player in the entire world. 

I mean... this guy is just putting on a clinic out there:

With all due respect to Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby or whomever else you may want to give the mantle of "best player in the world", I'll take MacKinnon over anyone else. The guy simply does it all and does it all well. He's a big body guy with acceleration unlike anyone else in the NHL. He can snipe, he can dish... hell he can even play defensive. He's the total package and he's the main reason the Avalanche are in a position to move on to the Western Conference Final with a win on Friday evening.

After playing in relative obscurity his first few seasons in the NHL, there's no hiding MacKinnon anymore. The past few seasons he has stepped his play up to the point where people can't help but take notice. Now, he's a legitimate NHL superstar and he's breaking long-held records by legends like Wayne Gretzky.

Check it out:

Incredible. When you share a record with The Great One, you just know that things have been going your way.

MacKinnon's numbers obviously speak for themselves, but I have to say that purely as a fan of hockey: MacKinnon is an absolute joy to watch.

Every time MacKinnon gets the puck in the defensive zone or the neutral zone I just KNOW that he's going to gear up for a rush. I edge forward in my seat and buckle up, just waiting to see what kind of magic he develops. He has such a natural touch in and around the net that he can make things look absurdly easy. And don't even get me started on his skating stride... it's so perfect that they should show him as an example to children in skating lessons. 

Oh... in case you hadn't heard, Nathan MacKinnon is very good at hockey.