Macklin Celebrini reveals the truth about Habs rookie Lane Hutson.

Macklin Celebrini reveals the truth about Habs rookie Lane Hutson.

The NHL's first overall pick had some strong words to share about Habs rookie Lane Hutson.

Jonathan Larivee

It is hard to imagine that fans of the Montreal Canadiens aren't going to be gritty with excitement when they hear the strong words first overall pick Macklin Celebrini has used to describe one of their team's young rookies.

Celebrini was a recent guest of the Spittin Chiclets podcast with former National Hockey League players Ryan Whitney and Paul 'Biznasty' Bissonnette when Whitney asked him about his former teammate at Boston University, defenseman Lane Hutson. Hutson and Celebrini only played a single season together at Boston University, but it was clear based on Celebrini's comments that the young defenseman made a lasting impression.

"I've actually haven't played with someone like him," admitted Celebrini on the Spittin Chiclets podcast.

It sounds as though Hutson has distinguished himself even when it comes to the elite players that Celebrini has encountered as a young hockey player on his way to the NHL.

"My god, I've played with a lot of great players but to play with him... the way he sees the ice and the plays that he makes... the head fakes, you don't think you'll fall for them until you fall for them like everyone else," said Celebrini smiling from ear to ear while remembering his teammate.

Celebrini was very humble and even admitted that he struggled against Hutson on the ice at times.

"Even in practice there are times where I was like 'I can't even come out at this guy,'" admitted Celebrini.

With all that being said it should come as no surprise that Celebrini has high expectations of what his former teammate will achieve at the NHL level.

"He's a special player, I'm a little biased, but I feel like he will be a great player in the NHL," said Celebrini.

All of this sounds very promising for the Montreal Canadiens.