'Major concern' regarding the Bruins and their failure to sign Pastrnak.

This is not a good look for the Bruins.

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The Boston Bruins have been drawing a ton of criticism fro, their fan base with their failure to come to terms on a new deal with star forward David Pastrnak, and now one of Boston's top insiders is warning of real concerns.

From Bruins insider Joe Haggerty:

But the mere fact that the Bruins and Pastrnak are this far apart just weeks away from the start of NHL training camp is a major concern.

Haggerty believes that the Bruins are at risk of of alienating the young forward, much in the way that many believe they have done in the past with young forwards like Phil Kessel and Tyler Seguin, both who went on to find success on rival teams. 

Once again the focus is on owner Jeremy Jacobs who has often been accused of being too cheap, and while general manager Don Sweeney certainly shares some of the blame here, fans are really starting to point the finger at Jacobs specifically. Even Haggerty himself subtlety hinted at this reality:

Otherwise, they can nickel and dime their best talent, and wallow in middle-ish mediocrity while their best and brightest look for the first opportunity to go somewhere where they will get paid what they deserve. If that happens with Pastrnak and a Bruins team devoid of dynamic, game-breaking forwards in their prospect pipeline right now, then the bean counters on Causeway Street deserve exactly what they get. 

Any way you cut it, this is not a good look for the Bruins.