Major goaltending change rumored for Maple Leafs in Game 7.
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Major goaltending change rumored for Maple Leafs in Game 7.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have two giant question marks hanging above their heads before Game 7.

Jonathan Larivee

There may be big trouble for the Toronto Maple Leafs heading into Game 7.

Although there has been no official announcement of any kind, it now appears there is some serious doubt about whether or not goaltender Joseph Woll will be available for the Maple Leafs in the final and deciding game of their opening round Stanley Cup playoff series against the Boston Bruins.

It was former National Hockey League player turned NHL analyst Nick Kypreos who was the first to break the news that there were rumblings Woll may be held out of Game 7.

NHL insider Elliotte Friedman has since chimed in and added that all three Maple Leafs goaltenders arrived at the rink together on Saturday, with Friedman adding that it is a real possibility that Samsonov will get the start in Game 7.

That is a very tough break for the Maple Leafs as Samsonov has proven to be streaky and unreliable between the pipes, never able to maintain a high level of consistency for any length of time. His numbers in this series reflect that with a 3.31 goals against average and a .883 save percentage.

While it is true that the adjustments the Maple Leafs have made in this series have benefitted Woll, that does not entirely explain the gigantic gap in numbers on its own. Woll has a 0.86 goals against average and a .964 save percentage in this series and there's no question that he has been the better option thus far.