Major prediction for Patrick Kane's future with Red Wings

Will the future Hall of Fame forward be back next year?



The Detroit Red Wings have gotten some incredible production out of future Hall of Fame forward Patrick Kane, who decided to join them in late November this season and has thrived in his new surroundings by becoming a point-per-game player and rekindling the magic that made him one of the most dominant NHL players during his run with the rival Chicago Blackhawks. 

Longtime Detroit Red Wings commentator Ken Daniels recently joined "The Sick Podcast" hosted by Pierre McGuire and Jimmy Murphy, and told a heartwarming story about the first time that he officially met Kane while he was a member of the rival Chicago Blackhawks. 

At the time, Daniels was accompanied by his late son Jamie, who tragically lost his life in late 2016. 

"I love that guy," Daniels said of Kane. "The first time I ever met Pat was with my late son, we were at Joe Louis Arena, so it would have been 2015 or 2016. I went down to the room so that Jamie could meet Pat, and he came out of the small change room in the visitor's room. Pat came out and said, 'Hey Ken, how are you?' Honest to God, I'd never met Pat before, I had been around scrums but never gone to introduce myself before. He said 'Hey Ken, how are you?' And right in front of Jamie, he said, 'Your dad is the best!' to my son." 

Daniels said that he was taken aback that Kane knew who he was without ever having had formal introductions with him. 

"He said, 'Kenny, I grew up living here at Pat Verbeek's house, you don't think I know you and Mickey Redmond?'" 

Daniels then went on to state his belief that not only does Kane love playing in Detroit, but that he would be "absolutely shocked" if he did not sign an extension to remain with the Red Wings. 

"He's just been amazing to deal with and I think the guys in the room absolutely love him," Daniels said. "If he didn't re-sign here, I'd be absolutely shocked. I think he loves it here and came here for a reason. And his good buddy Alex DeBrincat (plays here). And you see Pat's son Pat, maybe a couple years or a year and a half older than Alex's son Archie, and they're together at games and playing together...I love that." 

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