Major punishment for player who broke referee's arm

He's paying the price.



By now, you've likely seen the video highlight of a shocking incident in which Vita Hasten defenseman Casper Gillberg broke a referee's arm after laying a massive hit on the official in the corner; the latter would require surgery. 

Gillberg was initially suspended indefinitely, though not surprisingly, the team maintains that it was an accident. 

”He’s suspended pending an investigation,” a person from the disciplinary committee said. ”They have five days to respond. We, just like you, have seen what happened. It’s a sad day for hockey.”

”Of course, he didn’t want to hit the referee. But I can see what happened, and I’m not stupid. We hope everything is okay with the referee,” the team’s sporting director said to the Swedish outlet Expressen on Sunday.

But now, Gillberg has learned his official fate, and it's a major penalty. He's been suspended until December 31, 2024.

Gillberg had already been suspended for nine games earlier in the season after delivering an illegal check to an opponent's head. 

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