Major shake-up for NHL team

The team will be looking to return to its former glory

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The Carolina Hurricanes haven't had it easy since their Stanley Cup win in 2006. They've been having difficulties remaining competitive throughout the league, which translated into an impressive attendance drop, and the loss of revenue has pushed the team's owner to try and sell the team. 

Despite these hardships, GM Ron Francis has been hard at work shaking-up the organization from within, which might just help the young Canes in becoming a menacing team once again. 

As per, the Carolina Hurricanes have added the following personnel to its medical, analytics, and communications staff. 

Tristan Simmons - Massage Therapist: 

Simmons is a graduate of Concordia University in Montreal. He has gained experience over the past four seasons with the Ottawa Senators, where he assisted the team's massage therapist during training camps. In addition to his experience within the hockey world, he has also worked for teams in the Canadian Football League and the North American Soccer League

Kevin Kan - Data Engineer: 

Kan is the creator of, a public hockey database featuring hockey data visualizations. 

Pace Sagester - Manager of Communications and Team Services:

Sagester has been with the Washington Capitals for the last four seasons, serving as manager of media relations. He is a former Cane's staffer, having been the team's media relations coordinator for two seasons. 

Kirsten Brierley - Communications and Hockey Operations Assistant:

Brierley was the team's media relations coordinator last season. She had previously worked a similar role with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Bryn-Marc Conaway - Charlotte Checkers Head Athletic Trainer:

After having been the strength and conditioning coach for the Hurricane's AHL affiliate last season, Conaway is promoted to head athletic trainer. 

Ryan Wysocki - Charlotte Checkers Strength and Conditioning Coach:

Wysocki has been working with collegiate and professional athletes for the past three years at Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning. He is a former division three NCAA goaltender. 

Further details can be found on the NHL website