Major trade about to be made in Nashville soon?

It sure looks like it folks!

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At this point, 27 teams (counting Vegas) are out of this year's run for the Stanley Cup. One could expect the players and upper managers to take it easy and play golf like there was no tomorrow, but it's in fact the inverse. Players take this time to heal their wounds and build back some muscle while the managers take the time to crunch numbers and fix every problem in the roster they may have. 

The Maple Leafs had an exciting turnaround year, getting from a bottom team to an actual cup contender. However, there are still a few weak points in the lineup and that's exactly what Mike Babcock and Lou Lamoriello are looking to patch. They were both spotted last night in Nashville. 

Having one of the two at a game could mean very little, but having both of them in Nashville means something big is brewing. There's a need for big defenseman in Toronto and maybe something is about to happen to fix that. 

We will keep you in the loop for sure!