Major update on Ben Bishop after leaving Game 1 on a stretcher.

This is a major surprise.

Published 7 years ago
Major update on Ben Bishop after leaving Game 1 on a stretcher.
Keystone Press.

The Tampa Bay Lightning appear to be in store for a bit of a surprise.

After a shocking scene during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final many fans believed that Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop was done for at least the series, and perhaps the entire postseason. Bishop was after all so badly injured that a stretcher was brought out to take him off the ice.

It now appears however that Bishop's injury is not nearly that serious, and in fact according to a report from the Tampa Bay Times, head coach Jon Cooper actually believes Bishop could return before the end of the Eastern Conference final.

"I  think,  when you're playing every other day, it's tough  for  anybody  to come back," Cooper said as per the Tampa Bay Times. "That's where those three-day breaks are big  in  that  regard.  That's helped us out in a few of these series, just trying to help get guys back. But  ultimately,  whether it's one day, two days, three days, if he's ready to go, he's ready to go.  I don't think an extra day is going to help out.  But  he's  making  progress  every day.  So hopefully, we'll see him soon."

Seems like it may have all been a little overly dramatic.