Malcolm Subban may break an obscure Blackhawks record thanks to COVID-19.

Subban likely to break it.

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The sudden outbreak of the novel strain of the coronavirus known simply as COVID-19 has made life very difficult for many of us and as more and more time passes we are forced to find more and more creative ways to find things that will occupy our time. If you're a sports statistician however there's not a lot you can do except go back and view things that have already happened, and every once in a while that can lead to some very amusing surprises. 

Once such surprise came this morning courtesy of the staff over at TVA Sports, a French language sports network based in Quebec,Canada, and they found a little hidden nugget of information that points to the fact that an obscure Chicago Blackhawks record may be on the verge of being broken. According to their statistics the current record for the least amount of time on ice for any player to have ever worn a Blackhawks uniform is currently owned by 49 year old goaltender Christian Soucy, a Quebecois himself. Soucy appear in just a single game and that only for an extremely short time, playing just 3 minutes total during the 1993 - 1994 National Hockey League regular season. It also just so happens to be the only NHL experience that Soucy would ever have during his career as a professional goaltender. 

That record now has a legitimate chance of being broken by none other than veteran backup goaltender Malcolm Subban, thanks in large part to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19. You see the Blackhawks acquired Subban at the trade deadline as part of the deal that sent former Blackhawks goaltender Robin Lehner to the Las Vegas Golden Knights, but the Blackhawks did not exactly show much faith in Subban. Rightfully so, Subban has been pretty poor this season, but as a result of that trade Subban has only played in a single game thus far with the Blackhawks. Subban appeared for just 1 minute and 10 seconds against the Anaheim Ducks on the 3rd of March, and if the regular season were to be cancelled that would immediately make him the new record holder, truly eclipsing the mark set by Soucy all those years ago.

It's probably not a record Subban wants, but his 3.18 goals against average and .890 save percentage this season certainly helped play a role in him potentially becoming part of an obscure history, and the blame for at least his part in this can be laid at his feet.