Malkin reveals secret superstition during fight with Stamkos

The rare superstar fight got fans wondering...

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Early in the third period of Wednesday night’s lopsided game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Tampa Bay Lightning, tempers began to flare and a fight broke out… except this time it was between two combatants you might not expect: Evgeni Malkin and Steven Stamkos.

Fans were therefore riveted to their televisions, watching the rare bout between two superstars very closely. So closely as a matter of fact that fans on social media started pointing out something they noticed on Malkin, possibly a superstition from the Penguins star player... 

Malkin wears two different gloves, one CCM and one Bauer and no one truly knows when he started doing it. However, the head equipment manager of the Penguins, Dana Heinze pointed it out earlier this month but couldn't explain why the Russian sniper chooses two different gloves...and never dared to ask him. 

We all know hockey players can have weird superstitions when it comes to winning and good luck charms. It might be the reason behind all this. Malkin revealed in the past weeks that he has been struggling and has been looking for a way to spark his offensive skills. Maybe the gloves have something to do with it. In last night's 4-2 win over the Lightning, Malkin collected two assists. 

As for the fight, Malkin scored the takedown, while Stamkos appeared to get a a couple rabbit punches in on Malkin. In any case, it wasn't much of a tilt but it’s always fun to see the superstars go at it like they’re fourth line grinders.